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Come Explore - Visit with us the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, where you will enjoy the beautiful nature of the coasts and islands. With Aleno 56, we take you to areas that are not easy or difficult to find and offer beautiful experiences of wonderful nature.

A well-planned route from Zadar to Budva

The main attraction is its picturesque beaches, Renaissance architecture, exquisite cuisine, and dramatic mountains.

An unforgettable adventure From Portorož to Zadar

Our journey starts on Slovenian coast, city of Portorose, which is known as health spa already in 13.century. His name »port of roses« invites us on promenades with the smell of lavender and on evenings of entertainment. Holidays and fun describes this town and offers relaxation, which makes us happy to try something new.


First stop

Our first stop is in the Croatian Istrian city of Umag, which has a rich history with old remains from Roman times.

National park Brijoni

Summer journey will takes us to the National park Brijoni, which consist 14 islands. 14 unspoiled islands is oasis for more than 250 types of birds and 700 types of plants. Brijoni are more than hundred years popular destination of world statesmen and for the people from the world of politics and famous. In the island is the oldest golf course in Croatia.

island Mali Lošinj

We will continue to the island called Mali Lošinj, which is known already in the period of Austro-Hungarian as health resorts.

Island Silba

For a short time, we will stop at the island of Silba, which is a quiet and easy island for all who want to enjoy the beautiful sandy beach and the unspoiled nature.


Premuda has beautiful bays and it is an attractive destination for divers. All over the world is a famous »Cathedral« cave system, which fascinates her beauty and natural sunlight.


Zadar is the center of North Dalmatia. The city is surrounded by priceless remains from Roman times and has tourist streets with rich Mediterranean specialties.

National Park Kornati

The National Park Kornati is the pearl of nature that inspires almost every tourist. Oustanding beauty and unspoiled nature are seen in all of the 125 islands, which cover the National Park. If you are lucky, you can see the dolphins.


Bozava gives us relaxation and enjoyment in the sun and swimming in the turquoise water.

The beach in Saharun

But our trip of beauty on Adriatic it is not over yet. From here we will take you do the beach in Saharun, where you will experience the Mediterranean moments. The beach is ideal for those who appreciate the peace and beauty of nature.

Island Ist

One of the smallest islands on Adriatic is Island Ist, where you can enjoy walking and relaxing in peaceful local restaurants.


On our way back we will visit Rovinj. This Istrian town is the center of art, and known as city of good food with its famous truffles.

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